Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Underbusted! Hallowiener Special

Last weekend was kinda busy - The Iowa School of Burlesque put on a two-night show, and there was Farm Crawl. More on Farm Crawl later - here are a few images from the show, Underbusted Hallowiener Special:

Hostess Stinketta Beaverhausen performs onstage.

Guest star Tito Bonito, the Cuban Missile Crisis

Gin Appropriate

Mae the Force

Maddie Moiselle and TJ Godkingwasp Grove

The cast.
Back Row: Stinketta Beaverhausen, Leo LaFlash, Mae the Force, Phoenix L'Amour, Gin Appropriate, TH Godkingwasp Grove, Koko Trousseau.
Front Row: Maddie Moiselle, Tito Bonito.

For more images, please visit my albums on Facebook - Friday's show, Saturday's show.