Monday, June 27, 2011


The Our Iowa Magazine "Rent-a-Cow" open house was held at Picket Fence Creamery yesterday. The event was attended by over one hundred "Renters", who came to visit their cow, not only from all over Iowa but as far afield as Missouri, Minnesota, New Jersey, Texas, and California! Here are some pictures of the day...

Iwo Jima, Iowa - Jeff raises the flag to start the events.

Nancy Wiebel of Our Iowa Magazine gets a kiss from Bonnie.

This is Bonnie's calf, Maxi.

One of the "renters",  Michael Bloom, came from San Diego, California to visit his cow with his daughter Emily and wife Melissa Swann-Bloom.

Aspiring cowboy Quinn Whaley from Eagle Grove, IA.

The star of the show, Bonnie!

One of the more unusual visitors at the event.

Enjoying the scenery. I wonder who these people work for?

There are more pictures here on my Flickr page.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My First Magazine Cover!

Last month's Radish Magazine featured an article on violet jelly, written by Maggie, and included two of my photographs - including the cover! Very pleased :)

Maggie Feeds Fred

One morning after a big storm a couple of weeks ago, we found this little guy on the grass. He is an American robin, and was only a few days old. We took him in and made a nest for him in an aquarium. He did very well, and enjoyed the food we made for him, as well as worms. He has since gone to an official songbird rescuer, who had other robins. Latest reports are that he's thriving, and learning to be a robin.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Up the Creek!

Here's our new amplifier - a Creek 5350 SE. I'm really liking what I'm hearing so far....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Adel Quilt Show 2011

Even if you're not interested in quilts and quilting, the Adel Quilt Shop is well worth a visit, and there's no better time than during the annual quilt show. Here are a few images I took this morning...

Adel Quilt Shop and the display of quilts.

Quilts modern...



...and abstract.

This visitor wanted to see if any of the quilts were good to eat!