Monday, August 18, 2008

Mamiya Pics

I shot a couple of films through my new Mamiya RB67, and got them processed today. There are a couple of minor problems - the darkslide interlock isn't working, which means that it's possible to shoot frames without actually exposing the film, and the flash sync is intermittent, so not all flash pictures work. But apart from those hiccups, I'm quite pleased with my new toy.

Here's the very first frame I took, of our house. The light was really hard and contrasty, and not very good for testing a new camera. I used Kodak Portra NC, and the exposure was 1/250 sec at f/11.

This one is of the lovely Hippie Bus that Des and Karen sent me for my birthday, using available light. The exposure was 1/8 sec at f/4.

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