Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yogpot Gels

I have been doing a lot of pictures of Maggie's hand-dyed scarves and hankies for her Etsy store, and needed to be able to have a variety of background colours to (a), relieve monotony, and (b), to best show the colour of the subject. I have two backdrops, one Chromakey Blue, and one grey. These aren't really expensive - a 9x12 backdrop and support set can be got for $73 here on eBay. However, I have neither the money nor space for lots of different backgrounds, so I have been playing with lighting my grey drop with different coloured gels on a strobe, and have been quite pleased with the results.

For my gels, I used the plastic tops of yogurt pots - these are available in a large variety of flavours (I mean colours), are cheap and readily available, and they are considerably more durable than regular gels. They also clip very nicely to the front of my SB-26's (if I have a loose one, or if I need to have a strobe facing downwards, a small bit of Blu-Tac will hold it in place).

The only downside to these is that they don't transmit light as well as gels, so you need more power, but for my purposes, this was never a problem (as you see, I didn't even bother scraping the writing off the lids)
Here are the results - one backdrop, various lighting. And this is before I even start playing with cookies, more than one colour, shooting the strobe through glasses (with or without water), etc, etc, etc. Who needs loads of backdrops?
(If you think that's good, have a look at this!)

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. thanks for that info, great cheap idea, MY FAVE

  2. interesting method, tks for sharing

  3. Great post - so you used a gray backdrop and shoot at it from the side with the yougurt cap.

    Am I wrong ? The color seem to be pretty well spread! Nicely done!


  4. The backdrop is lit from the side right ? And the color of the backdrop is gray, correct ?

  5. The backlight is between the subject and the backdrop. There's an identical setup I did for another shoot here.