Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christmas Presents!

Finally! I got some of my films processed, and am able to show you some of the wonderful presents I got at the Spinners' Christmas  party.

First, my "Secret Santa" was my good friend and fellow photographer, Marianne, who gave me a whole bag of goodies - the green bump is Brown Sheep superwash dyed with copper, the smaller one is cormo/alpaca dyed (of course) olive :0) The Dyers Companion is a most interesting book that has been in print since 1806. Also in my bag, though not pictured, was one on Marianne's own beautiful calenders.

A little while ago, gave Jill a pack of Tayto crisps from my precious stash. In return she made the bag into this lovely origami box. 

I am really lucky to have such generous and talented friends!

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