Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More PLH Product Pics

I'm still working away in the studio, doing pictures of Prairieland Herbs products for their website. I'm having fun playing with these, especially with lighting - I have used small strobes, a big monoflash, cheap clamp-on worklights, and window light in various combinations. I modify the light using (mainly homebrew) reflectors, diffusers, flags, gels, etc., to achieve different effects. I try to get decent results in camera, and Photoshop as little as possible. Here's some of what I've been doing recently:

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  1. Those are great. I've just started reading strobist now and my head is about to explode. I still don't understand how to get the f of the flashes... it's confusing, but when I see pictures like these I seriously want to be able to do that. Wish me luck.