Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Three Course Kebab Dinner

I'd been wanting to do this for a while - a three course meal with kebabs for each course. It seemed like a fun idea, and as my friends who frequent the Iowa State Fair assure me - "food on a stick has no calories". I finally got round to doing it last night, when our good friend and food critic, Linda, came to dinner.

The appetizer was a selection of cheeses - I used Cheddar, M√ľnster, Havarti, and Gouda for a nice variety of colours, textures and flavours. These were put on the skewers with grapes and tomato, and presented on a bed of lettuce garnished with slices of orange and red onion. This was served with Maggie's banana chutney, and raspberry preserve.

The main course was very traditional - cubed beef (marinaded in a blend of oils, with vinegar, onion, garlic and pepper), shrimps, green peppers, new potatoes, cherry tomatoes, baby bella and button mushrooms, red and white onion, all cooked on the barbeque and served on a bed of rice.

For dessert we had fruit salad on a stick - strawberries, kiwi fruit orange, apple, grapes, and cantaloupe. These were just drizzled with a little honey and lemon juice.

The meal was easy to do, and great fun, and we have only just started exploring the endless varieties of delicious (and calorie-free :-p ) goodness that kebabs provide. We're already looking forward to our next supper on a stick.

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