Saturday, February 4, 2012

Redecorating 2

Here's some more pictures of our "Room of Requirement"

It was really, really great to get the carpet out of there! Then everything had to be washed and/or scrubbed, the ceiling and walls painted, and the floor sealed.

When that was all done, I laid the laminate flooring. I made this video using a free time-lapse app for my iPhone. It took a while to make up its mind whether it was shooting in landscape or portrait format - probably because the camera was aimed at a downward angle. I supported the camera nine feet off the floor on a c-stand in the hall with two booms, so there'd be nothing on the floor that I was working on. The app shot at three frames per minute, and plays back at nine frames per second, so there's about three hours compressed in this vid.

Et, voila! The finished room :)

I wonder what we'll use it for now?

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