Monday, March 26, 2012

Redecorating 5

The kitchen cabinets are finished at last! It took a full two weeks to do this job...

First, everything was cleared out, the countertops, doors and hardware removed, and the cabinets were sanded and primed, then painted inside and out.

The doors and drawer fronts were sanded down to bare wood before being given one coat of primer and three coats of paint (on each side).

This was my drying area - I needed to support nineteen doors and six drawer fronts.

Doors replaced and fitted with new pulls. I also painted the socket and switch plates to match the doors :)

A "before and after" composite of the sink area. This was before I fitted the new countertops, so it looks even better now :) I cant wait to get the new flooring for the kitchen and dining area!

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  1. It looks awesome. I need to stop by one afternoon after I get off work and see it in person!