Monday, January 31, 2011

Another First

This could well be the worst photograph I have ever taken, but I'm pretty pleased with it all the same. It's just a view out through our living room window, but it is my first ever picture taken with a large-format camera.

Camera: Calumet 4x5
Lens: Caltar 150mm f5.6
Film: Polaroid 55 (No expiry date, but believed to be over 15 years old)
Exposure: 1/4 sec @ f/8

I'm not sure if the lightness of the image is due to
(a) overexposure (scene metered at 1/4 @ f/11)
(b) underdevelopment, or development at a temperature lower than the recommended 70 F
(c) the age of the film, or a combination of the above.

I learned a couple of lessons from this, including to double-check that all the camera movements are locked down properly, and be careful with the envelope (dark slide).

But oh, what fun!!!

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