Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year! Today was quite eventful - major dental surgery, followed by the arrival of our new (reconditioned $129.00) Epson V500 scanner. Maggie and I had a lot of fun (helped by Vicodin, in my case :)  ), as we scanned our recently-developed negatives. Here are a few of mine that were taken with my Leica M6 with a Summicron 50mm f2 lens, on Kodak Tri-X:

My lovely daughter Aisling, whose visit here was one of the highest points of 2010. (Come back soon, Ais!)

Another high point of last year was our visit to Chicago. This snapshot, taken from the bus, was my first clear view of Willis Tower.

Union Station has many picturesque aspects - one could easily spend a whole day there, with a camera and dozens of rolls of film...

A class at Harmony Yoga Studio in Des Moines. I shot a lot of digital images of this session for the studio's new website, but popped off a few on Tri-X too.

This is a favourite subject of mine - Prairieland Herbs' beautiful cash register, a 1914 Empire by National. Unfortunately, we are having difficulty interfacing it with Quickbooks, or finding a barcode reader for it.

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